University of Sydney / School of Mathematics and Statistics / Computational Algebra Group


Noteworthy software packages I contributed to (or am still actively contributing to) that may be worth mentioning here:
Macaulay2 libraries for OpenMath and SCSCP
[Free and open source. In the stable branch since Macaulay2 1.3 (October 2009)]
Magma package for computing Chevalley bases of Lie algebras
[In Magma since 2.17-1. You may also read the corresponding article on arXiv or in the Journal of Algebra.]
Java libraries for OpenMath, Popcorn, and SCSCP (with Peter Horn)
[Free and open source. More information about: OpenMath, Popcorn, SCSCP ]
Magma package for OpenMath and SCSCP (Using the Java libraries mentioned above)
[Contact me for more information]
Operations on Weight Multisets (Porting LiE to Magma,)
[In Magma since version 2.14]