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Quantum Groups and Knot Theory

The Dutch national masters course Quantum Groups and Knot Theory will be taught on Wednesday in Fall 2007 (starting September 12th) by E. Opdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam), J. Stokman (Universiteit van Amsterdam), and A.M. Cohen assisted by Dan Roozemond (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven). This webpage provides information on the first part of this course, which occupies the first three weeks (September 12th, 19th, and 26th).

The two parts:

  • Cohen: The aim of Cohen's part of the course is to introduce the students to knot theory and familiarize them with algorithmic aspects and known software.
  • Opdam and Stokman: The aim of the second part is to develop the basics of the theory on quantum invariants of ribbon links and knots. (web site)
The homework exercises are at the end of each week's Course Notes.

More details on the schedule, homework, and grading arrangements can be found in the Organization section.