Magma 2010 Conference on p-adic L-functions

Centre de recherches mathématiques

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Monday February 22 - Friday February 26, 2010

The Magma 2010 conference on p-adic L-functions will be organised by the Magma group, in conjunction with the CRM in Montreal. This is the sixth in a series of international Magma meetings.

There is a now a tentative schedule available, though this is subject to change.

The themes of the conference will be p-adic Stark conjectures, overconvergent modular symbols and Iwasawa theory.

The main speakers will be:

Other talks will be given by local personages (Bryden Cais, Henri Darmon, Marc Masdeu, Jeehon Park), and some of the organisers. Contributed talks are also welcome -- please contact an organiser if you wish to speak.

A conference poster is available.

Talks and abstracts will be listed when available. For more information, please email

Magma is a computational algebra system, covering a wide range of areas within algebra, number theory and algebraic geometry.

The three most recent Magma conferences were in Berlin (2006) Warwick (2005) and Paris (2004).

The organisers are: Matthew Greenberg (Calgary), Xavier Roblot (Lyon), Mark Watkins (Sydney), Christian Wüthrich (Nottingham).

The workshop is part of the Thematic Semester at the CRM on Number Theory as an Experimental and Applied Science. The CRM also has a webpage for this conference.