The online browser has now been disabled.

The icons are taken from Wikipedia, and various coding techniques from Catalin Francu.

The returned data are currently from the revised proof that 1. e3 wins, using ideas
from Vladica Andrejic for 1. e3 g5, and some corrections due to the double
en passant tablebase bug that was noted by Anatoli Shmarlouski.

Feel free to send in bugs, or suggested improvements to lines.

If you are going to do any serious work with it, I would suggest downloading
the relevant Java GUI and proof solution files instead.

What the Solution Browser shows
This solution browser shows a path that White can follow so as to win against
any Black defense. The "Size" column gives the size of the subtree for a given
move, and "Perc" the percentage of the current node (which should not always
add up to 100%, for various reasons including transpositions and that the
current node needs to be subtracted). The "Ref" column will have a "refutation"
if there is only one child in the proof tree (allowing one to skip through
two ply at a time). Note that other moves might also work as a refutation,
and that the move given is merely proof of sufficiency.

When a 4-piece tablebase is reached, the Size column will switch to information
giving the distance-to-conversion (DTC) result (this is not formatted well),
and the other columns will not have useful information.