MAGMA Workshop on Computational Number Theory

Sydney University, Tuesday March 21 and Wednesday March 22

This will be a forum to bring several Magma visitors together with Australian number theorists. There will be talks from various branches of number theory.

If you would like to attend, please email Steve Donnelly at so that we know how many are coming, and so we can keep you informed via email.

Here's a list of suitable places to stay in case you need one, although it is possibly a bit out of date.

Please note that parking at (and around) Sydney Uni is particularly difficult at the moment, partly due to construction work, and it's probably advisable to avoid coming to campus by car, if possible.

Organisers: John Cannon and Steve Donnelly.

Tuesday March 21

We will meet in the coffee room on the 7th floor (Carslaw room 727) from 9:30am.

Morning talks will be held in Carslaw Lecture Room 251.
10:00-10:45 Jürgen Klüners (Kassel) On Polynomial Factorisation
10:55-11:40 Claus Fieker (Magma) Computation of Galois groups: degree 24 and beyond
12:15-1:00 John Voight (Magma) Algorithms for quaternion algebras
1:00-3:00 LUNCH
Afternoon talks will be held in Carslaw Lecture Theatre 373.
3:00-3:45 James Borger (ANU) Number theory and Lambda rings
4:15-5:00 Damien Stehlé (UHP Nancy 1 and Magma) (Non)-Randomness of sequences of bits generated by mathematical functions
5:15-6:00 Scott Contini (Maquarie) VSH: A cryptographic hash function based upon modular square roots of very smooth numbers

Wednesday March 22

Morning talks will be held in Carslaw Tutorial Room 830.
10:00-10:45 Victor Scharaschkin (UQ) Belyi maps and the abc conjecture
10:55-11:40 Mike Harrison (Magma) Parametrisation of degree 6 Del Pezzo surfaces over number fields
12:15-1:00 Alf van der Poorten (ceNTRe for Number Theory Research, Sydney) Hyperelliptic curves and continued fractions
1:00-3:00 LUNCH
Afternoon talks will be held in Carslaw Lecture Theatre 373.
3:00-3:45 Mark Watkins (Bristol) Counting elliptic curves, with rank 2
4:15-5:00 Tom Fisher (Cambridge) Testing equivalence of ternary cubics
5:00-5:45 David Kohel (Sydney) On invariants of plane quartics