Second Magma Conference (Milwaukee, 12-16 May 1996)

*       Second Magma Conference on Computational Algebra        *
*       Marquette University, Milwaukee, May 12--16, 1996       *

An interdisciplinary  conference  on  computational  algebra  and
number  theory,  computer  algebra and their applications will be
held from May 12--16, 1996 at  Marquette  University,  Milwaukee,
Wisconsin,  USA.  The  purpose of this conference is to bring to-
gether mathematicians and software developers to  present  recent
developments in cognate areas of computational algebra and number
theory, to inform  theoreticians  about  available  computational
tools  and  provide  an opportunity to become familiar with their
use, to identify desirable directions  for  theoretical  research
and  practical  development,  and  to promote the use of advanced
tools in applied areas.

In the past few years a number of very significant advances  have
taken  place in several different branches of computational alge-
bra and number theory.  The organizers of  this  Conference  per-
ceive  a  need  to  bring together theoretical mathematicians and
developers of algorithms and software tools to consider  ways  of
overcoming  the compartmentalized nature of computational algebra
in the context of the increasing tendency for  sophisticated  ap-
plications to draw on computational techniques from several quite
different areas.

Conference Site

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at
Marquette  University  will host the meeting. Since January 1994,
the Department has been located in Katharine Reed Cudahy Hall, in
the center of the Marquette campus. Marquette University, located
on an 80-acre urban campus near downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is
an independent, coeducational institution founded in 1881.

Lectures will be held in the main lecture auditorium which  seats
140  people and features network connections and video projection
equipment. A discussion area outside the  lecture  hall,  at  the
foot  of  the atrium, will be available for morning and afternoon

Extensive computing facilities will be available  for  conference
delegates, including Internet services.


A proceedings of the Conference will appear as a special issue of
the Journal of Symbolic Computation.

Conference Program

                         Sunday, May 12

12:45 -- 13:00  Official Welcome and Opening Remarks

13:00 -- 14:30  Number Theory

    13:00 -- 13:50  Invited Lecture
    Computational Class Field Theory        Henri Cohen, Bordeaux

    14:00 -- 14:25  Contributed Talk
    Computations in Kummer Extensions       Mario Daberkow, TU-Berlin

Coffee Break

15:00 -- 16:30  Module Theory and Homological Algebra

    15:00 -- 15:50  Invited Lecture
    Computing Canonical Presentations
	for Z-modules                       George Havas, Queensland

    16:00 -- 16:25  Contributed Talk
    Sheafhom: Programs for Homological
	Algebra and Algebraic Topology      Mark McConnell, Oklahoma State

16:30 -- 18:30  Magma Workshop

    An Overview of Magma                    John Cannon, Sydney
    Getting Started with Magma              Wieb Bosma, Sydney
    Laboratory Session

18:30 -- 19:30   Informal Reception (Drinks and Nibbles Provided)

                         Monday, May 13

09:00 -- 10:25  Commutative Algebra

    09:00 -- 09:55  Invited Lecture
    Factoring High-Degree Polynomials
	over Finite Fields: New Theory,
	Faster Practice                     Erich Kaltofen, North Carolina

    10:00 -- 10:25  Contributed Talk
    A New Approach to Primary
	Decomposition                       Alain Sausse,
	                                    INRIA-Sophia Antipolis

Coffee Break

11:00 -- 12:00  Group Theory

    11:00 -- 12:00  Contributed Talks
    Verification of Strong Generating
	Set Constructions                   Akos Seress, Ohio State
    A New Existence Proof for Ly, the
	Sporadic Simple Group of R. Lyons   Holger Gollan, Essen

12:00 -- 13:00  System Presentation

    Pari                                    Henri Cohen,  Bordeaux


14:00 -- 16:00  Representation Theory

    14:00 -- 14:55  Invited Lecture
    Parallel Linear Algebra and
	Computational Representation
	Theory                              Gerhard Michler, Essen

    15:00 -- 16:00  Contributed Talks
    The Use of Peakwords and Condensation
	in Computational Modular
	Representation Theory               Klaus Lux, Aachen
    Interface between DTP and Magma         Jacques Calmet and
					    Karsten Homann, Karlsruhe

Coffee Break

16:30 -- 18:30  Magma Workshop
    Commutative Algebra                     John Cannon (with Allan Steel),
    Field Theory                            Wieb Bosma, Sydney
    Laboratory Session

                         Tuesday, May 14

09:00 -- 09:55  Algebraic Geometry   

    09:00 -- 09:55  Invited Lecture
    Computational Aspects of Curves of
	Genus at least 2                    Bjorn Poonen, Princeton 

    10:00 -- 10:25  Contributed Talk
    Irregular Primes to Eight Million       J. Buhler, R. Crandall,
					    R. Ernvall, T. Metsankyla
					    and M. A. Shokrollahi

Coffee Break 
11:00 -- 12:00  Group Theory   

    11:00 -- 12:00  Contributed Talks 
    Computing in the Monster                Simon Norton, Cambridge 
    Embeddings of PSL_2(q) in E_8(C)        Alex Ryba, Marquette
12:00 -- 13:00  System Presentation

    Macauley 2                              Dan Grayson, UIC
Lunch and Poster Session  
14:00 -- 15:25  Module Theory

    14:00 -- 14:55  Invited Lecture
    Computer Calculations of Modules
	and Cohomology                      Jon Carlson, Athens 

    15:00 -- 16:00  Contributed Talks
    The Cohomology of Augmented Algebras    Robert Bruner, Wayne State
    On the Cohomology of Split Extensions
	of Elementary Abelian 2-groups      Stephen Siegel, Northwestern
Coffee Break 
16:30 -- 18:30  Magma Workshop

    Module Theory                           Jon Carlson, Athens
    Permutation and Matrix Groups           Bruce Cox, Sydney
    Laboratory Session

                        Wednesday, May 15

09:00 -- 10:30   Number Theory   

    09:00 -- 09:55  Invited Lecture
    Classical Invariant Theory and
	Elliptic Curves                     John Cremona, Exeter 

    10:00 -- 10:25  Contributed Talk
    Computations with Brauer's Class
	Number Relations                    Wieb Bosma (Sydney) and
					    Bart de Smit (Amsterdam)
Coffee Break 
11:00 -- 13:00  Semigroups

    11:00 -- 12:00  Contributed Talks 
    An Optimal Algorithm for Constructing
	the Reduced Groebner Basis of
	Binomial Ideals and Applications
	to Commutative Semigroups           Ulla Koppenhagen and
					    Ernst Mayr, Munchen
    Idempotent Algebras Associated with
	Periodic Semigroups                 Francis Pastijn, Marquette
12:00 -- 13:00  Invited Lecture and System Presentation

    Computational Automata and Semigroup
	Theory: The Automate System         Stuart Margolis, Bar Ilan
14:00 -- 15:30  Finite Geometry and Codes   

    14:00 -- 14:55  Invited Lecture
    Applications of Magma in Designs
	and Codes                           Jenny Key, Clemson 

    15:00 -- 15:25  Contributed Talk
    Constructing Non-Linear Trellis Codes   James Sarvis, MIT
Coffee Break 
16:00 -- 17:15  Magma Workshop
    Designs, Codes and Planes               Jenny Key, Clemson
    Finitely Presented Groups               George Havas, Queensland
18:00 -- 21:00  Conference Dinner

                         Thursday, May 16

09:00 -- 10:30  Group Theory   

    09:00 -- 09:55  Invited Lecture
    Partitions, Normalizers, and
	Subgroup Conjugacy                  Jeff Leon, UICC 

    10:00 -- 10:25  Contributed Talk
    Algorithms for Soluble Groups:
	Past, Present and Future            Mike Slattery, Marquette 
Coffee Break 
11:00 -- 12:00  Rings and Fields   

    11:00 -- 12:00  Invited Talk 
    Noncommutative Groebner Bases:
	Theory and Applications             Ed Green, Virginia Tech

12:00 -- 13:00  System Presentation
    KANT 4                                  Mario Daberkow and Claus Fieker,

14:00 -- 15:30  Group Theory

    14:00 -- 14:55  Invited Lecture
    Recognizing Matrix Groups               Charles Leedham-Green, QMW 

    15:00 -- 15:25  Contributed Talk
    Nine New Algorithms for
	Permutation Groups                  John Cannon, Sydney 
Coffee and Conference End 

Poster Presentations

Computational Techniques for Investigating Polygons of Finite Groups
Paul Brown, Berkeley 

Weak Parameters for the SL_2 Hash Function
Chris Charnes (with Josef Pieprzyk), Wollongong 

Factoring Polynomials over Large Finite Fields and Hadamard Designs
Shuhong Gao, Clemson 

Experiments with Algorithms and Orders in the
Computation of Noncommutative Groebner Bases
Ben Keller, Virginia Tech 

The Category of Abstract Interpretations with Magma
Kaninda Musumbu, Bordeaux 

Ideals in Monoidal Rings and 16th Hilbert Problem
Valery Romanovskii, Minsk 

The Magma Groebner Walk
Allan Steel, Sydney 

Polynomials taking many Values over Finite Fields
Michael Zieve, Berkeley