Magma: A New System for Algebraic Computation (Sydney, 19 Nov, 1992)

At the University of Sydney a completely new language and environment for computational algebra is under development. It is designed to support very efficient computation in algebra, number theory and algebraic combinatorics. The user language is based on the use of algebraic data types.

This workshop will be the first public presentation of the new system and is intended to provide an introduction suitable both for users having experience with Cayley, and new users. In a series of informal talks during the morning, both the principles and the scope of the new language will be presented, through use of carefully chosen examples.

The workshop is being presented in connection with CANT'92.

University of Sydney, November 19, 1992

9.30 John Cannon An overview of the user language 9.50 Catherine Playoust Sets and sequences 10.15 John Brownie Finitely presented groups 10.40 Andrew Solomon Polynomial rings 11.00 Coffee 11.30 Wieb Bosma Number theory 11.55 Bruce Cox Permutation groups 12.20 Allan Steel Modules 12.40 John Cannon Discussion