Travel & Accommodation

The main Campus of the University of Sydney is located 15km north of the Sydney-Airport (Kingsford-Smith). The conference site can be reached by taxi (about AUD 20 currently), by bus and by train.

There are a limited number of rooms reserved in the Women's College which is conveniently located directly on campus. It a nice, quite place, just a 5 minutes stroll from the conference site. The college has email facilities. For couples there are a few twin rooms available. Single rooms (including breakfast) will be at about AUD 60, twins at AUD 90. It is possible to get lunch and dinner at the college. Since we only have a limited number of rooms reserved, you need to book fairly early. Bookings can be made together with the registration.

Several hotels and colleges are available in the neighbourhood of the university.

The following is a short selection of possibilities close to the campus. It is by no means complete.

College style
Mandelbaum College is close to the campus and servers koscher food.
Billabong Gardens about 10 minutes walk to the campus.
Bed & Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Sydney, Tel: +61 2 9692 0548
Motel/ Hotel
UniLodge 5 minutes walk from the mathematics department.
Centra directly at the campus, about 10 minutes walk from the mathematics department.
The Haven Inn, Tel: +61 2 9660 6655, Fax: +61 2 9660 6279
Campertown Towers Motel, Apartments, Tel: +61 2 9519 5211, Fax: +61 2 9519 9179, about 10-15 minutes from the department.
Here you will find a broader range of hotels listed by price. We look forward to greeting you in Sydney and hope that you will enjoy your stay with us. This note is to cover some domestic details which you may be anxious about if you have not visited Sydney before.

You will be here in our winter, which is equivalent to early autumn in the northern hemisphere, with temperatures between 12 and 17 Celsius. The days are usually sunny, but the evenings are cold and it can rain. You will need a pullover, a jacket and maybe a raincoat, but not a heavy overcoat.

American Express, Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly used credit cards and most banks have 24-hour cash dispensers. The university campus has several banks and is conveniently close to reasonably-priced shops and cafes. It has a major teaching hospital and there are medical services on campus. If you require medication, please bring a legible (typed) prescription with you, as brand names vary from country to country and our pharmacists may not know precisely what you want.

If you wish to do some genteel tourism, the Opera House, Government House, Botanic Gardens, Art Gallery, State Library, State Parliament and the major museums are all within walking distance of one another, about 20 minutes by bus from the campus. You should have no difficulty with seeing at least the major sights.

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