Celebration of a Fermat Prime Birthday for Magma

Monday, Jan 9 2012, 2.30 – 5.00

Eastern Ave Seminar Rm 312

Magma has just turned 17 (that is 17 years since the first release). We also have Wieb Bosma, Gavin Brown and Al Kasprzyk visiting. On Monday, Catherine Playoust (1989 – 1996), John Brownie (1989 – 1992) and Bruce Cox (1991 – 1997) will also be visiting the group.

To celebrate all of these things we plan to hold some informal talks followed by a festive afternoon tea on Monday afternoon.

Since we will have six (Bosma, Brownie, Cannon, Cox, Playoust, Steel) of the seven key developers for the period 1989 – 1996 here on Monday, we plan to present some short historical talks on the project covering the years 1989 – 1996. This period covers the project from its commencement until the release of V2.0 at the Second Magma Conference in Milwaukee in June 1996.


The program will be as follows:


Some pictures made on the day are now available.